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Higher profits and a higher purpose
by Hillary Johnson - Ventura County Star, April 5th 2004

250 business innovators experienced a Global Mind Change in Santa Barbara this weekend.

"Future shock is not one big idea," Jim Channon whispered from the podium, "it's a thousand little ones."

How many business conferences open with a masked and robed master of ceremonies calling in the "muse" of the future of business? At the Global Mind Change Forum put on last weekend in Santa Barbara by the World Business Academy, that's exactly what Channon did - and the muse appeared, singing, dressed in a blue feathered robe, and slowly crossed the stage while Channon fell to his knees.

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Channon is billed as America's first "corporate shaman," and is the originator of the popular concept of "corporate visioning," but he's also got the chops - and the credentials - to be taken very, very seriously, having worked as a consultant for ten of the world's hundred largest companies, and as lead futurist and educational technologist for the U.S. Army. His theatrical presentation marking the opening of the three day seminar was well received by the energized, if mildly astonished, audience of 250 business people from around the world, most of whom looked more like Men's Wearhouse customers than seekers of aboriginal wisdom.

As Channon closed his speech to great applause, one businessman who had come all the way from Great Britain turned to another and said in a tone of scandalized glee, "Can you imagine that guy speaking in London?!"

Fortune Magazine – October 8, 1990

Jim Channon says he’s a shaman at heart, To AT&T, Du Pont, Whirlpool and others, he’s a consultant.

“Three things are missing from almost every organization I’ve been through,” he says “A sincere desire to love each other in a a brotherly way, an ability to incorporate spiritual values in their work, and an ability to do something physical together.” On all three counts he thinks modern corporations could learn from tribal cultures: “Just because those guys can’t make toasters doesn’t mean that singing together, dancing together, and telling stories around a fire isn’t a damn good thing to do.”

As a keynoter you won't get another podium bound pundit with a prearranged list of magic bullets. Jim doesn't do information. Jim will take you on a trip to tomorrow and load your imaginal mind with charged imagery that invites you into your own best choices... the choices that will make the difference in your world and the world of your enterprise.

He has illustrated and verbally charged the visions of ten of the worlds largest corporations. He is a model of creativity in an unforgettable combination. He has a "whole being intelligence" and all who witness this in action will have a new model of how to move into the future with all their senses working as one. He can aim a group at the precise vision they have suggested and evoke the deepest feelings of resolve to launch them on that path.

For the time he is with you he will be your futurist. And, since he leads the World Business Academy fellows on their quest to determine the best planetary vision for the next century .... he has the brain power of many of the worlds finest visionaries ... in his pocket. Because of his graphic language you will be able to see even your most complex maneuvers come clear. Imagine a football play without a chalk talk? Jim can do twelve dimensions on the same 1 X 2 meter white board. No more wandering in the dark. And he can finish it all off with an uncompromisingly beautiful strategic illustration you can use for years.

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Jim Channon


Backed by the thinking power of the World Business Academy fellows where he leads the 100 year vision project EARTHRISE, Jim will focus on the major benchmarks we can imagine on our way to a grand and playful planetary civilization, living on a fully potentialized Earth, and awake to the deeper connections in our galaxy.


Jim describes and models a new kind of human intelligence, where channels of information are simultaneously bundled in four or more dimensions to touch reawaken the largely untouched regions of soul, emotions, story, and energy. He himself has taken time to learn and integrate these postural, gestural, tonal, temporal, and imaginal worlds as a new skillset for leaders in our emerging chaordic world..


Digital descriptions and gadgets have distracted leaders from their primal duties. Being just another warmed over project manager does not touch the scope, range, and emotional charge needed by leaders to move the cultures that they lead forward. Jim’s personal success with oratory, storyboards, great gatherings, and ancient wisdom passed by in our rush to use technology to carry the message will reignite lost skills in ways you never imagined.

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