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How We Stage It
Two things must happen at all successful meetings. One, people need a charge built under them. Two, that charge needs to be directed at the most precise objectives created by the group themselves. Yes, it's that simple. In concept.

The meeting mastery team, Arcturus, builds the charge, not with hackneyedold off-site games - but stories, plays, songs, and strategic illustrations that are created from the very material discussed at the conference you have chosen to create. In this way nothing is a sideshow - everything counts.

How do we do that? Well, we start by coaching your key presenters a day or so before the event occurs. We recharge those overdone bullet point presentations into dramatic stories that activate your team. We help illustrate, musically drive, and create a collaborative experience with your team during the gathering that culminates in radically authentic and energetically alive moments.

Simultaneously, during the proceedings, we will listen deeply for your best ideas and see that they are summarized in stories, songs, and strategic storyboards. For a close we can orchestrate and shape that information into a full on show created together with your people that brings home the objectives with riveting and reinforced clarity.

We can shoot the players in stills and motion for your future use. We can bring some really sensational talent to the stage. We can mediate conflict as needed. We can get the physical body in the game with periodic yogic refreshers. Yes, and we can do games when being silly is necessary to loosen up the thinking.

We have done this all over the world. We size our team to your needs. There is nobody more competent. See our client list below!!

Client List & Testimony
Kodak, Dupont, AT&T, General Motors, U.S. Sprint, Cotton Inc., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Conducted Visioning workshops and produced illustrated strategic designs highlighting shared values, higher purpose, strategic intentions, and a variety of key corporate and governmental objectives.

Apple Computers, General Electric, Honeywell, Sun Micro-systems, Federal Express, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Conducted future-focused think tank sessions to determine exact approaches to solving problems. Produced illustrated briefings to communicate the results. Created a training center for the 21st century, and the Army's first fighting dune-buggy.

Whirlpool Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Lufthansa-Sky Chefs: Designed trans-lingual communications packages and training programs for multi-national and multi-cultural executives and workforces. Created a variety of illustrated packages for executives, television programs, curriculum design, instructional aids and corporate cartoons.

The Dallas Cowboys, National Training Center, U.S Army, Turner Broadcasting System. Designed and produced a family of teaching materials including games and simulations. Invented the VRX (virtual reality experience) run in the desert for an Australian corporation. The teaching materials ranged from individual games and cartoons for children (Captain Planet TBS) to the largest combat simulator on the planet in Barstow, California - the NTC (National Training Center).

LB&M, Titan Systems, USMC, U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command, Dreamworks. Designed future systems, virtual reality applications, a Hollywood virtual world called The First Earth Battalion, and a Wild West amusement park for participants "in character," plus a global Command and Control center.

Esalen Institute, Raynet, Command Systems, Federal Express, Perot Systems. Constructed a unified computing language, several INTRANET systems, a manufacturing system for circuit boards, and a complete management information system for a resort. Using the patented AVL, combined many layers of complex systems and used graphics and color for impact and clarity.

KOA Corporation, Japan; Transamerica Corporation, Sealcorp, Australia. Developed a bi-functional workforce model and a socially integrated vision for Japan's most profitable index corporation. Produced high speed cartoons for corporate gatherings. Made a perma-culture mix for corporate complexes.

The White House, Champion International, Whirlpool Corporation, Organizational Transformation International, World Business Academy. Designed and produced staging, information displays, and signage for the first global White House conference on the environment. Did the energy environment for conferences including stories, music and high speed graphic recording.!

To view an extensive archive of materials we created for a wide variety of organizations, please go to arcturus.org

To view Jim's 7 Keys To Meetings That Motivate and Produce Profits, please go to meetingmastery.com

Fee Structure
Jim Channon: He comes as keynote, as storyweaver, and as story illustrator.
Range $8-$25K. Travel days are @$2K from Hawaii. Final illustration costs vary.

The troupe: Daily rates are $2K ea. Member with travel days $1K and special equipment charges vary.

Adventure theater: Minimum $100K plus expenses.

Most favored package is Jim plus two players for 3 day meeting ...$30K plus exp.

We do creative barter. Ask us about that.

For troupe events we require 40% up front for planning, design, and travel. Payment net 30 plus penalty. Discount for immediate payment. We don't work with big companies who can't pay on time.