Jim Channon Arcturus Design Troupe
Weaver Team Services
Then there is the Arcturus Design Troupe - the meeting weaver team. They attend to all the ways a meeting feels like cavalry heading for the pass into the new world. You choose the precise combination of features you want:

They manage the energy flow with music and break exercises. They summarize the larger content portions with satire and song. They can help get the entire adventure out "on-line" to the rest of the players. They can mediate or facilitate emerging conflict.

They can create evening experiences even an outback adventure theater, when requested, to launch the players off into exciting and relevant team-building games. They can pull together the combination you want and see that it is then captured on film.

`They have taken large executive teams through the desert in Australia, into three miles of caves in the Philipines, and choppered others into the Red Rocks area in Sedona, Arizona. When you are ready for the purposeful adventure of a lifetime.... they can assemble the most unforgettable adventure theater and bonding experience you could imagine.


So, whether its an incentive program to charge up the high performing players in your world, or the need to globalize six companies in a castle in Europe, or just time to get the train moving into a new reality. Lets do launch!

Troupe Profile
Susanne Sims
Singer, writer, photographer,
performance coach, producer

Forrest Arnold
Master of ceremonies, mediator,
facilitator, song writer, and singer

Betsy S. Bowen
Special instruction, games, energy

Michael Marlin
Staged events, juggler, comedic acts

Miles Wakefield
Musical composer, one man band D.J.

Frank Catanzaro
New media master, cyber-visor, web-host

Anthony Colombo
Cinematographer, archivist, documentarian

& special company